Our Mission

Cannova is dedicated to legitimizing the use of medical cannabis as part of traditional healthcare.

Our mission is to grow trust and confidence in medical cannabis as a treatment for a variety of health conditions; eliminating the stigma of use with the general public, the medical community, and especially with patients.

At Cannova, we are pursuing that mission by providing the software and tools patients and healthcare providers need to fully integrate medical cannabis into their spectrum of care.

Cannova Leadership

Rich Wartel – Founder

Rich Wartel is the founder of Cannova, formed in January 2023 with three other established entrepreneurs in the healthcare and cannabis industries. Cannova will be the first software platform to unite patients, prescribers, dispensaries, and payers in a multi-functional environment including a product compendia database, e-prescribing tools, and a revolutionary reimbursement channel for medical cannabis. Cannova’s mission is to help further legitimize medical cannabis in healthcare through expanded access, knowledge, and outcomes data with the ultimate goal of obtaining insurance coverage for treatment.

Rich is also the founder and CEO of One Lab Innovations, LLC and is fully dedicated to innovation and helping the world through all of his life endeavors. One Lab Innovations, an “Entrepreneur Equity” company, is the culmination of his dream to create, enable and fund new ideas, focused on growth and have a positive impact on society. His legacy is broadening and changing the definition of healthcare and, ultimately, giving patients easier access to healthcare products and services.

Rich is the Founder and former CEO of Two Labs Pharma Services. Since 2003, Two Labs has led 200+ new product launches and hundreds of projects in market access, competitive intelligence, launch strategy, lifecycle management and patient services. In 2016, Rich and his team led the private equity recapitalization of Two Labs, enabling acquisitions and employee growth to over 175 team members. In 2020, Rich made the decision to step down as CEO and return to his entrepreneurial roots, just months before Two Labs was sold to Envision Pharma Group.

Rich has a B.S. in Business from Skidmore College and a Master’s Degree in Accounting from George Mason University. He resides in Ohio with his wife, two sons, daughter, and two dogs (one lab and one mutt). Rich and his wife are dedicated to improving the lives of others through charitable endeavors and created the Yellow Boulder Foundation (providing financial support to a variety of nonprofit organizations). He is also on the Ohio Board of Directors for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and is a dedicated member of Team Rubicon Disaster Response.

Lisa McKeegan – VP of Product Development

Lisa is proud to be the first official employee of Cannova and is dedicated to building a solution that helps patients and providers better utilize medical cannabis as part of the healthcare journey. As we build Cannova and prepare for launch, she serves as a “Jane of all trades” – focusing not only on product development, but also branding, positioning, launch strategy, and other vital functions.

Lisa has also spent over a decade at One Lab Innovations, LLC, and Two Labs Pharma Services. In these roles, she specialized in product launch strategy and guided the implementation for dozens of pharmaceuticals. Most recently, Lisa led Lifecycle Management strategy for clients facing generic competition. Her background also includes more than five years in advertising and account direction. 

Currently, Lisa serves on the Executive Committee of Board of Directors for Town Hall Arts Center in Littleton, a professional, non-profit regional theater near Denver. She also served as the volunteer editor and creative director for multiple theater publications, and works closely with area schools to introduce students to theater.

Lisa earned her BSBA in Marketing and Logistics from The Ohio State University. Since 2012, she has lived in Colorado with her husband and three sons.

At Cannova, we believe that medical cannabis is legitimate healthcare that can – and should – be considered alongside many other commonly accepted ancillary treatments, like acupuncture or chiropractic therapy.


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